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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lucky Di Unlucky story Punjabi movie review

A rip-roaring laughter riot with a never-before attempted concept in Punjabi cinema, Lucky Di Unlucky Story is a complete family entertainer that promises laughter unlimited.  If we say it’s a “comic thriller” or a “murder mystery”,  you might feel a bit shocked but that’s what the brilliant team of Lucky Di Unlucky Story has presented, something that takes Punjabi cinema to a completely different level.

What gives Lucky Di Unlucky Story an edge over other comedies is that it’s not just a slapstick comedy but it has a story to tell as well and throughout the film, you would find that it’s not just the dialogues that keep you entertained but in fact the wonderfully, crafted “situations” that leave you in splits.
So, just grab some popcorns, and get ready to laugh for next two hours.!!
The strength of Lucky Di Unlucky Story is definitely its “story” that never drags and of course, the amazing performances by the comic foursome- Gippy Grewal, Binnu Dhillon, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Jaswinder Bhalla. It’s a story that revolves around the life of innocent Lucky who has his conscience well alive. He knows every trick in the world to woo a girl and manages to win his love to the point of getting engaged to her as well, but circumstances always end up making him appear the wrongdoer. To add to his miseries, are his three unhappily married friends who advise him to forget the thoughts of love and marriage and just enjoy his life. One of their plans backfires and they all end up getting caught in a nightmarish situation. A girl is murdered in a hotel room and everybody including Lucky’s friends think that Lucky is the one who killed her accidentally. Now how will Lucky rescue himself from the biggest ordeal of his life despite being innocent? Watch this comic thriller to know more. Be rest assured there’s not even one serious moment in the film. All their attempts to get rid of the terrible murder scene are so juvenile and crazy that you’d find yourself rolling on your seats with uncontrollable laughter. All the credit goes to the wonderful screenplay and dialogues by Naresh Kathuria and amazing direction by the king of comedies – Smeep Kang.  One of the best things about the movie is that it would keep you guessing till the very end as to what the culmination would be like.
Director Smeep Kang takes a different story and gives it an interesting twist. Who would have thought of making a thriller in a Punjabi film and that too a comedy? The effort surely deserves a big applause. The ‘madcap characters’ is another strength of the movie. A crazy film with crazy characters! Gippy Grewal is a star, no two opinions on that. The man is a package of good looks, super talent and the right screen presence. He charms his way into your heart with a super-confident performance. He looks stylish right from the first ‘helicopter scene’! The one-liners by Jaswinder Bhalla are refreshing. Binnu Dhillon who is shown to be the dumbest of all the friends, ends up giving a stupendous performance. Although his dialogues are less but Binnu’s expressions are enough to win everyone’s hearts. The actor is sure in a terrific form! Gurpreet Ghuggi is exceptional, his satirical remarks make the audience roll down from the chairs. He’s the leader of all when it comes to giving suggestions, and the actor sure, pulls his part perfectly. Surveen Chawla looks no different than other films that she’s done in the recent past, and her role lacks meat. The actress is good looking but in a lot of scenes, you get a feeling that she idolizes Aishwarya Rai just a bit too much. Jackie Shroff is fine in his Ballewood debut but his role is very short. We really wished to see such a great actor on a Punjabi film screen more! Karamjit Anmol is fantastic! 
The review would be incomplete if we didn't highlight the contribution by its music composer Jatinder Shah. The title track is already a rage, while “Kach Da Samaan” is another beautiful number. Cinematography by Toby Gorman is exceptional. Certain camera shots capture the beauty of Thailand are outstanding.  
On the whole, Lucky Di Unlucky Story is a fun-ride that makes you laugh uncontrollably in those two hours. A sure-shot super-hit!
Ballewood Rating: 4/5

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